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Peer Recommended Flash CS3 Tutorials

Erin’s rotating Globe: http://tutorials.learnflash.com/tutorials/flash/globe.html Josh- Sparkling Glass Effect: http://www.entheosweb.com/Flash/sparkling_effect.asp and Tweening-Understood: http://www.monkeyflash.com/flash/tween-class/ Scrolling Text from Mr. Anderson Cass gave quite a few on sound/animated buttons and contact forms: http://developphp.com/Flash_tuts/ Thanks Everyone! Advertisements

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Flash Quiz CS3

I found a very clear tutorial on creating a Quiz Application for Flash using CS3 Classes.  Jody Hall’s directions are extremely clear and explain the rational behind choices made for the end product.  I would highly recommend it. http://www.actionscript.org Create-a-Quiz-Application-Using-AS3-Classes

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