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Building Information Modeling

No longer must we be limited to schematic descriptions of what we will build, or tedious cardboard models. Now there is Building Information Modeling. AutoDesk has taken their AutoCad to new heights with Revit and Navisworks. See an example of … Continue reading

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The future looks bright, I gotta have Drupal?

My friend DD pointed me to an article announcing the imminent death of Dreamweaver.  (Darn, I still needed to update my skills to CS4…which is still sitting in its box for these past six months.) Reading further, the author discusses … Continue reading

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Design 101 (1.27.2007)

Rhythm and Movement: rhythm in art created by repetition of elements, similar elements or circular elements create flow. Jagged and unrelated ones create an unfinished look that the eye wants to finish and thus is more dynamic. 8 Golden Rules … Continue reading

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The Brave and the Bold

Suggestions for effective web design and tips on how to keep the noise down (by Margo) Keep the design constant Experiment within the obvious choices…where else could the headline reside? Rank the elements Determine minimal content Group related elements together … Continue reading

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interactive style

As noted in my update (scroll down to “Scotty”) my kitty litter musings have led me on a delicious journey through NY Times John Biggs articles. He may turn out to be my first RSS feed. Someone has taken the … Continue reading

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olpc vision

Videos So you want to start a revolution? Education Open-Source Vision (Ted Talks): Nicholas Negroponte on OLPC open-source hardware education project vision Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning sources Sir Ken Robinson on creative capacity Iqbal Quadir on the mobile phone … Continue reading

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