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To Twit or Not to Twit?

Some government use of Twitter Continue reading

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“This American Life” explains US financial crisis

(Original Posting 11/23/08) Wonder how the housing market folded?  Friends of Ira Glass explain how the financial crisis happened in his audio file, Giant Pool of Money at This American Life I caught this audible podcast episode early last … Continue reading

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Brits explain how US market works

(Original Posting 11/06/08) Exchanging illuminating videos with friends has its benefits.  New find of Brasscheck TV and a slightly older vid explaining “How the Markets Really Work (from 2007)“.  Interview style, this is an even more simplified explanation than This … Continue reading

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SNL: USA Economy Explained

(Original Post 11/03/08) Exploring other multimedia storytelling explanations of our economic crisic led me to NBC’s Saturday Night Live, The Bailout.

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Can I cut and paste?

Copyright Liberties: Jessica Litman, U of Michigan Law

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08.07.07 Saving the Internet

Zittrain J. (2007, June). Saving the internet. Harvard Business Review. 85(6), 49-59, 140. Accessed July 29, 2007 from Ebsco. AN 24997959 Saving the Internet discusses two pathways that our personal computing machinery is headed and the author’s related concerns. One … Continue reading

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7.31.2007 McCann & Neff

Guest Lecturers: July 31 Prior to attending class that evening, I was not particularly enthused by the topics proposed. However, my interest surged quickly as T.A. McCann started speaking. His presentation was clear, his business principles clearly mirrored his personal … Continue reading

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