The future looks bright, I gotta have Drupal?

My friend DD pointed me to an article announcing the imminent death of Dreamweaver.  (Darn, I still needed to update my skills to CS4…which is still sitting in its box for these past six months.) Reading further, the author discusses dynamic versus static site design and the ready availability of such free platforms such as this one, WordPress.  For instance, I have a fairly decent selection of free ‘widgets’ that can create a more interactive web experience for my readers.  Without much experience or sophistication a new user can establish a basic, interactive web presence much faster than I could manually code or Dreamweaver pastiche a design together.  Doesn’t mean the design is going to draw you in, however.  I think that is where Dreamweaver still maintains it edge.  I am however, concerned with where WE are headed.  I, and art educated professionals have discussed at length the seeming decline of ‘taste’ coinciding with the rise of UGC, User Generated Content.  Your average Joe or Jill, without benefit of 4+ years of design school appears to have a decidedly different take on what is compelling to view, what draws them in.  “I know what I like”.  How much of formal design training panders to an elite audience I wonder?

And Drupal? CMS (Content Management System)? I confess my ignorance.  But research is cheap online. carries Tom Geller’s six hour video tutorial series on Drupal.  You can use their one day pass to check it out, or sign up for a month pass for $25.  I for one will be checking it out. Gotta stay ahead of the curve


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