“This American Life” explains US financial crisis

(Original Posting 11/23/08) Wonder how the housing market folded?  Friends of Ira Glass explain how the financial crisis happened in his audio file, Giant Pool of Money at This American Life http://tinyurl.com/5fl6z7. I caught this audible podcast episode early last summer as I faithfully downloaded my subscription at iTunes. It was worth revisiting again last week. (WARNING: episodes will take 1 hour each of your time)

Now they’ve followed up with Another Frightening Show About the Economy to explain more about how our economic crisis went global. http://tinyurl.com/497nkq

Locally, we’ve been talking about the head-turning affect in our rank/reputation research group.  AFSATE above clearly describes the startling phenomena of (rapid) matching business strategies to keep market share. Did too many heads turn?  In attempting business survival of the fittest, was lemming-like behavior the unintended consequence?

UPDATE: JUNE 27, 2009….AND there’s MORE! They added some more I had missed.  Click to review.


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