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I recently killed my Twitter profile.  (As a recent graduate of UW Multimedia C Digital Communications Program, this could be grounds for excommunication.) For my defense, I offer from our research project last fall, “motivation to participate”.  Unlike Facebook, those I know who participate on Twitter have work or school related to Digital products.  The only area I found Twitter useful was receipt of select information finds by associates, related to digital products or news.  One of the nagging frustrations of Twitter was reading portions of friends conversations.  Not that I wanted to be a ‘lurking’, eavesdropping Twitterer.  However, the act of conversation can be instructional and informative.  Slicing it up into @’s that are not compilable is annoying.  Twitter was successful for # group speak related to event/class commentary. Since I am a) out of school b) not within a specific company and c) have broader connections than digital work place at present, Twitter does not meet my needs at present  and my social group is not heavily represented in this network.  Jon Stewart says it all:


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