The Brave and the Bold

Suggestions for effective web design and tips on how to keep the noise down (by Margo)

Keep the design constant
Experiment within the obvious choices…where else could the headline reside?

  1. Rank the elements
  2. Determine minimal content
  3. Group related elements together & isolate
  4. Increase contrast of
  • Style of text
  • Color: less is greater than more
  • SIZE: 3 max. Perform this choice last

      EXAGGERATE one item only, not everything.

      Based Margo Halverson’s article, Hiearchy and Contrast, I have reviewed my blog through a variety of styles to evaluate the strength of the designs available. One style, pundit flare, seems to be a better choice for contrast in all areas. Unfortunately, I don’t like it. There’s that emotional thing Norman talks about.


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      Project Manager residing in sleepless Seattle.
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