Design 101 (1.27.2007)

Rhythm and Movement: rhythm in art created by repetition of elements, similar elements or circular elements create flow. Jagged and unrelated ones create an unfinished look that the eye wants to finish and thus is more dynamic.

8 Golden Rules from Human Interface Design (101)

  1. Easy action reversal
  2. Practitioner center of control universe
  3. Clear options to reduce memory overload
  4. Diversity: menus, icons, & command sequencesNote to self: How about adding that layout concept map to a web page for navigation usage and make it pretty artsy?
  5. Consistency in action sequencing, terminology in action locations, décor
  6. Feedback loop: an action gets a response
  7. Dialogue closure: action sequences have beg/mid/end.
  8. Practitioner gets response that action has been completed

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Project Manager residing in sleepless Seattle.
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