Moving LURKERS up ladder to CREATORS

My SPECTATOR/LURKING husband just asked if it was easy to CREATE a storytelling video.  What was his motivation?  Watching another persons YouTube video on a topic my husband is an expert on.  The video fell short of his expectations, could be improved on and he wants to make his own, improved one.

  • Motivation: Improvement, Sharing Information in multimedia dimension, telling a story.
  • First Question: How can I do this?  ( YouTube could add a link or a tool to create your own video).

When I showed him YouTube in 2006, he uploaded 2 videos his hiking buddy made. These represent stage 1 of creative process. They are simple load ups of camera movies.  No sound, no captions, no commentary or music.  YouTube has a few more bell and whistle options to help user move towards story making and are simply accomplished.

Two buttons are located on front page (are these in the best location of the website for use?)

  • Captions and subtitles
  • Video Annotations

Additional options are available if you are registered and loading a video. Interestingly, the YouTube Handbook is only noted in the footer and is the last item.  I guess at this stage of their development, their primary audience is either only the spectator/lurkers or experienced videographers.  They could improve the website by offering a object/tool/link to move the watcher towards becoming a creator/contributor.  There production chapter is very informative.  It needs a link on every video page.

What is your motivation to create?  Have you uploaded something to YouTube?


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