Critics incentive to comment & rank

Scenario:  Needed store hours on The Fish Store to see if they were open on Sunday before I traversed over there.  Google hit led to Yelp! Which is a neighborhood business review and rank site.  First review for my favorite store is a total slam. What gives?  I am motivated to register in order to counteract the review.  Which I did, giving it 5 stars.  Unfortunately, with only 25 reviews, it did not move the total star ranking.  Scanning the other reviews, I would say that some of the employees are not as stellar as the ones I work with.  Management opportunity.

Additional ranking opportunity, you can ‘compliment’ anothers reviews.  However, I don’t like the options, which are: Thank you, Hot Stuff, Write More, Great Lists, Cute Pic, Just a Note, You’re Cool, You’re Funny, Good Writer, Like your Profile and Great Photo.  ‘Like your Profile’?  Gag me.  Too many options and many are not pertinent.  The registration process also had two major annoyances.  One, it is not clear that what you put in the ‘name’ category is your signature and two, they try to grab your address book to add your friends.


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Project Manager residing in sleepless Seattle.
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