Reputation Systems: An Interview with Yahoo’s Bryce Glass (Part I) by Joshua Porter June 24th, 2008.

Mr. Porter, a web designer/developer reports on the recent release of Yahoo’s social design patterns for reputation systems release. Yahoo classifies one’s site activity into the following types of competitive spectrums: Caring, Collaborative, Cordial, Competitive and Combative. Apparently Mr. Glass of Yahoo gave a talk at last year’s IA Summit on ‘Designing your reputation system’ that gives an impressive outline for starting your own reputation system. His best advice for improving one reputation is to become valuable to your community and to do unto others as you’d have done unto you. There are also some good tips on defining a sites point systems effectively in order to avoid encouraging “less than ideal behaviors”.

In reflection regarding FTM (University of Washington MCDM’s Flip the Media Blog site). More may need to be done defining target users, what values desired to encourage in the community, what motivates them and which type of community culture is intended. I expect this will arrive soon, as one of the courses is reading Groundswell, by Li and Bernoff.  Watch an interview about their POST process here.

People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology


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