Digital Intimacy

As I read Clive Thompson’s article today in the New York Times, Brave New World of Digital Intimacy, I reflected back to my own experience using social networking tools like Facebook.  I didn’t last long with Facebook, the lack of privacy floored me.  And yes, I am well over 30 so I fit the profile of those less likely to participate. However, I suggest you read his article for the reflections on how Facebook is establishing some of the same social challenges experienced by those of us who grew up in a village.  See, I also this week went to a funeral in that same community.  As one former school mate marvelled, it was like stepping back in where we left off x amount of years ago.  Here were a hundred people that remembered every mistake you ever stumbled through during your youth.  In larger urban areas, high schoolers and college age people may not have experienced the intimacy of every adult noting your illicit behavior and then reporting it back to your parents.  Until now.  With Facebook and Twitter postings, not only are your indiscretions caught, they are posted and digitally retrievable.  Seemingly forever.  Maybe we won’t need policemen someday.

Update:  I am now on Facebook.  They’ve added more privacy features so I can limit viewers to approved friends. Yea!


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