Synch me up Scotty…

Our team had a few technological unintended-cultural-outcome pet peeves we wanted to modify in our society.  Device: Cellphones

Take away: Cellphone users ability to annoy. Solution: Some method of area disruptor-either carried on person or location based to Filter out the airspace around us, i.e. cut cellphone chatter. Well, while cleaning the cat litter, I noticed a NY Times Technology article I had missed (NY Times covers the floor underneath the litter boxes). November 15th, Circuits section had an article about Ada Fried’s electronics gadgetry. has a “Fresh air device”.

“Much like the personal air ionizer available in catalogues, this device is for cleaning up the air around the user. By pinning this device to a bag or jacket, the user can enjoy a radius of silence. The device is also small enough to tape underneath classroom and office desks, or tables in libraries and restaurants.

Though still in the prototype phase, there is hope.

In replacement for what we wished to take away, we also bestowed new direction for increased utility.

Giveth: Use cellphone to unlock door to car/home; Turn on/off lights & devices in home from car…both of these functions voice activated through phone.  Oh, by the way we wanted to wear our phones on our wrists.

As you can see from products in the news, our concept team’s idea was not so far fetched!

Now, we just gotta get the car to talk to the house….George Jetson anyone?


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