recycled shipping containers

There has never before been more market incentive to green up all new products. We’ve talked in course after course about trends and where the world of the web will take us. Well, nowhere fast if we can’t boot up a oil produced, energy hogging device to connect. Alternatives? If free Internet access is key to the improvement of mankind’s condition on earth, we need to start yesterday to design devices that are recyclable, small, regenerated by the sun or pedal power and simple to use. We should consider the life cycle usability of our computing purchases. Or maybe we should just get magnifying glasses and buy a Frog wrist computer and set up a solar powered battery to recharge it

Below, see the unique solution for the problem of “what to do with all those excess unused, shipping containers stacked near our Ports?”


About ifarmurban

Project Manager residing in sleepless Seattle.
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