08.07.07 Saving the Internet

Zittrain J. (2007, June). Saving the internet. Harvard Business Review. 85(6), 49-59, 140. Accessed July 29, 2007 from Ebsco. AN 24997959

Saving the Internet discusses two pathways that our personal computing machinery is headed and the author’s related concerns. One path embodies simplification to the point of being appliance-hood : TiVO. The other choice being a creative generative tool requiring more sophistication to use and is in itself modifiable: PC. Supporting arguments cover control, which has it; manufacturers, regulators, consumers, which wants it: everyone and how this stifles the end user’s creative license.

By arguing for complexity, this article takes the opposite view of my book of choice, The Paradox of Choice, Why More is Less by Barry Swartz. Though having read Benkler’s Wealth of Networks, the two paths of use and constraint described in Saving the Internet are in line with my emerging perspective of the divergent paths American Internet access is taking. Which do you prefer? A standard screwdriver or a cordless drill?


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One Response to 08.07.07 Saving the Internet

  1. kegill says:

    Which do you prefer? A standard screwdriver or a cordless drill?

    It depends on the problem — there is a time for a standard screwdriver and one where an electric screwdriver (or even a drill) makes sense. I’ve used both. :)

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