7.31.2007 McCann & Neff

Guest Lecturers: July 31
Prior to attending class that evening, I was not particularly enthused by the topics proposed. However, my interest surged quickly as T.A. McCann started speaking. His presentation was clear, his business principles clearly mirrored his personal values and his ability to interweave our questions and comments made for an easy discussion. A marked contrast to our interview with Chris Anderson near the beginning of this course. Being able to see discussion members was an obvious advantage in improving understanding in a real time event. I expect I was also well engaged in the conversation because he was both talking from an entrepreneurs perspective and was obviously enthused about the projects he initiates, collaborates on, and participates in. It must be joy to work with his project group.
This made for an excellent atmosphere for Gina Neff to re-introduce social networks to me. I previously had a narrower perspective of what constituted a social network and their value. She grabbed by my attention by starting with anthropological kinship maps, an interest of mine from undergraduate work I had forgotten. I didn’t realize the “degrees of separation” dated so early. Each generation frequently mistakenly assumes they have invented the wheel. I was a bit disturbed by our in-class mapping exercise…what percentage of my relationships are hierarchical rather than reciprocal? Eek!
I really felt like we got to the heart of net-economics; the business components, the monetization methods and the social economics that night, a subject that has seemed fairly elusive.


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