query: crowdsourcing

Q. 1) Crowdsourcing. I understand from our readings that rewards (payment) for online, non-monitary participation in a project one’s potential rewards are improved reputation and association, potentially leading to improved social and economic standing in “the community”. However, I do wonder if “the crowd” has attempted to share the financial profits gained from the listed authors of some of these crowd contributed products such as books we have read.

Q.2) Crowd-in-country sourcing: So I read this article in Wired and I wonder, is this how we will keep some of the creative work within the USA? Instead of salaries, are we going back to piecework accomplished in our back room offices? Will paying a flat fee for an idea contribute to the financial class leveling of the information economy players?

Q.3) The Rise of the Amateur: What is your personal experience with crowdsourcing? Have you been sourced to or have you sourced out? What profit percentage may you have lost or gained, reputation lost or gained from being crowdsourced to? What did you save or what were side benefits from crowdsourcing out?


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