Chris Anderson

Re: Chris Anderson “in person”.

First I will say I found talking through Skype without a visual, distancing and unappealing. I suddenly realized I am terribly visual and preferred to sit back and listen rather than participate in this type of interaction (so I could visualize in my head). However, it was preferable to a PP presentation/lecture by far and so was okay.

On the plus side, he clarified one key point in particular, not all markets are Long Tail. A business market qualifying for Long Tail economic evaluation must have the following three things:

1) Lots of variety
2) Demand for variety and
3) Can be optimized through digital means.

I didn’t take many notes. Some of his early responses had the feel of “I have only this to say on that subject”, thus reducing our number of answerable questions considerably. Related to niches, I still remain dissatisfied with both the books treatment and the interview. A number of us were obviously concerned with the impact to the smaller businesses. Many thanks to John and others for dogging him with those questions related to niches. To one query related to the short tail of aggregators and what it means to the small guy, Mr. Anderson pretty much cut off that line of questioning with his endless optimism, “these are still early days” and he expects the emergence of specialized search engines like Technorati.

Good start for our later discussion, however. Let’s move the tables together like that again.


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