the dilemma; our behavior and their control

Where to start? In the 1970’s where we were (think) we started social sharing of music compilations with the cassette disc? I will have to say that having been raised through that time, having enjoyed the delight of preparing a cassette with a special message for my then love-of-my-life and receiving them in kind, I do assume that once I buy a musical disc of some sort I have the right to share it. As long as I do not profit by it, nor abuse the privilege. So, that was my norm, one I expect to keep. Thus, I buy CD’s and do not subscribe, nor download music, videos, movies or any such thing. DRM keeps me from participating in these services, and from purchasing related gadgets like the IPod. I follow the concerns of Davis, what describes fair use and fair “ownership”? My nephew, an obsessive music-phile pre-teen had hundreds of songs on his aging laptop to play on his IPod (an early adopter). But when the hardware crashed, even though we retrieved the files, attempting to transfer them was unsuccessful. Thus, a kid who has spent his allowance, his gift money on buying songs now has nothing after 3 years. What is fair about this picture?

I have read downloaded books, for textbooks and informational books it is a reasonable way to do things. I also found it cheaper, by the time my computer dies, will I still need these books? Will they still be available? Who knows, I have not gone back to last autumn’s file to check. But then, it is like some of my resource books I keep filed on a bookshelf. Though I re-use a good number of them, some merely collect dust. I think replication within a household falls in the definition of fair use.

I found Landau had some interesting extended ideas for video I had not thought of, pilfer footage and modify to create third products. Oh, then again, that is much of what I see on YouTube. Especially in the anime world. Very creative end products, but not particulary marketable except in the exception. They are sort of like the collages we made in grade school, cut out of magazines and paste them into stories…oh, that was probably illegal as well. As I argued in the fall, I think creation of the third product is fully supported by fair use. (Ahoy, matey…eeye!)

Davis brought up a few new concepts I either never knew or had forgotten: That our computers auto copy and store upon viewing, so copying is part of the digital process and cannot be avoided and that new business models are one potential, logical solution to this dilemma. In fact, extreme customization poses some tantalizing opportunities. Though it is probably already available, I would accept being able to create my own play list CD online for a gift to my sweety for a modest price (not to exceed a regular CD cost). I expect someone is already doing this and I simply have not discovered it. Also, being able to create an avatar environment to tell a story with modifiable landscape footage would be sort of like the combination of a coloring book, MUD games (I was a D&D fan) and paper dolls. Does anyone play with paper dolls anymore?

(I do wonder, with all the digital opportunities and fewer physical enticements if kids motor skills are atrophying like my hind quarters have been during the course of this program!) I have no answers and simply more questions…as usual! :)


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  1. Mark says:

    An interesting view to look at things.

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