7.03.07: ecommerce search engines

Jansen, Bernard J. and Molina, Paulo R. (2005). The effectiveness of Web search engines for retrieving relevant ecommerce links. Information Processing & Management, Vol. 42, No. 4, July 2006, pp 1075-1098. Accessed 7.02.2007 from Science Direct via University of Washington Libraries. doi:10.1016/j.ipm.2005.09.003

Relevance to the Long Tail: Provides further research on the whether buyers can access niche e-commerce vendors through established search filters. This article’s hypotheses mirror my own doubts regarding Anderson’s summations on this point.

Relevancy of e-commerce query results between different types of search engines was explored.

The e-commerce search world was divided into five categories and the most popular within these categories was selected. The researched engines included Excite, Froogle, Google, Overture and Yahoo! Directory. One hundred broadly selected e-commerce queries were administered simultaneously over a five minute period and the first ten results from the five search engines were compared. These were stripped of identifiers and submitted to four user evaluators to rate relevancy. Suggestions for improved e-commerce marketing campaigns were given.


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